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THE SWAN Interactive Architecture Tool

A product of cross-industry collaboration, the SWAN Interactive Architecture Tool allows you to navigate through smart water solution diagrams according to your specific business drivers and challenge areas. You may click on individual technology components to learn about their function, benefits and system requirements, as well as view informative case studies and benefit analyses.


You may also evaluate your network intelligence and search through a database of available smart water solutions in the Providers page.



Choose a topic of interest to explore your smart water journey

Evaluate your network intelligence

Complete a brief survey to learn your utility's SWAN SMART SCORE, a high-level gauge of your water distribution system.

Identify your business drivers 

Choose from common business drivers that impact utility network operations and management strategies.

Understand your challenge areas 

Based on your business driver responses, select from common challenges faced by utilities today.  

Explore technological solutions

Navigate solution architecture diagrams; learn about technology functions, benefits, and system reqs.; review relevant case studies and benefit analyses.

Find relevant technology providers

Filter through a database of available smart water technologies by SWAN Member, by geography, general category, and specific solutions.

View Tutorial Video

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