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Integrated Water Network Management (IWNM) is a comprehensive

platform that can be integrated across the utility: across various teams

that support different functionalities (operations, leakage, control room,

customer service and more), and across the organizational hierarchy -

from the junior analysts who monitor the network to the executive

manager making strategic planning decisions at the utility or group level. 


IWNM can integrate data from several different systems including: 


  • SCADA (Time-series data)

  • GIS

  • Work order management

  • Asset Management

  • ERP

  • Billing

  • CRM

  • Consumer reports

  • External information such as calendar and weather


IWNM aggregates the data and analyses it to identify ‘events’ or interesting phenomenon by using correlations between different types of data and data points, pattern anomalies, data trends and other statistical phenomenon, providing the users with insights that help them improve network operations.


An IWNM solution is typically comprised of multiple components or modules, which include the following features:  


  • Early detection and alerts on network issues based on data analysis (e.g. leaks, bursts, water quality problems, asset faults, etc.)

  • Visibility into all network metrics and operational activities

  • Data visualization and performance/KPI calculations and comparisons

  • Dashboards – for improved network management

  • Prioritization of issues and/or network areas

  • End consumer communication

  • Consumption analysis


By connecting multiple modules and systems while integrating data from different sources, IWNM provides a full picture of the network to support flawless communication and smart decision making within most departments across the utility (e.g. Water Quality, Water Loss, Instrumentation, Control & Automation, Asset Management, Control Room, Customer Service etc.). 





Integrated Water Network Management allows utilities to analyse the data they collect across the network. Utilities can then respond to various challenges, proactively improve the network, improve ROI and positively impact customer service.  By using IWNM utilities can reduce operational costs and make smarter CAPEX related decisions. 


IWNM can provide a utility with the following benefits:


  • Improved customer service

  • Improved communication, collaboration across teams and personnel efficiency

  • Early detection of various network issues

  • Increased operational efficiency

  • Knowledge preservation

  • Enhanced prioritisation of work

  • Improved planning of asset maintenance and replacement





The components that support different Integrated Water Network Management solutions include:


  • Network sensors including but not limited to: flow, pressure, acoustic, reservoir level, water quality parameters

  • Consumption data: preferably (though not necessarily) through AMR/AMI

  • Communication/Telemetry: Allows frequent transfer of sensor and meter data

  • SCADA/Historian

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)



Optional systems to be integrated with:


  • Work order management

  • Asset management

  • ERP

  • Billing

  • CRM

  • Consumer reports

  • External information like calendar and weather

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