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Smart wastewater network management enables operating companies to effectively manage the flows of sewage within the network. At the basic level, this includes raising alerts to potential flooding and pollution problems and at the most advanced level, actively managing flows to protect customers from flooding and the environment from pollution events while balancing flows in the network to allow treatment systems to operate at the optimal efficiency. This can be done by:

•  Situational awareness of climatic conditions;
•  Awareness of the current capacity of the sewage collection network;
•  Detection of limitations in the sewers (such as blockages & points of ingress);
•  Understanding the capacity of the downstream receiving treatment system.

Monitoring and detecting anomalies within the wastewater network (e.g. blockage or infiltration), allows action to be taken before further problems can occur such as unpredictable climatic conditions, which put a strain on the network. More advanced wastewater networks can further implement active system control, enabling greater operational efficiency.

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