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The main functions of flow meters on gravity systems can include:

  • Measurement of flows from areas or particular customers;

  • Tracking flow through the wastewater network using a nodal


  • Using flow for network control purposes.

These can be sited within the network and simply require a manhole to be placed in but will require power. Telemetry can be through a mobile phone signal.




The benefits of measuring flow on a gravity sewer system include:

  • Quantification of the pass forward flows at a particular point in the network allowing knowledge of whether there are any increases (infiltration) or decreases (blockages) within areas of the network.

  • Increased situational awareness of network performance in both dry and wet periods.




Flow monitoring in gravity sewers usually requires:

  • A minimum velocity of flow and a minimum depth of flow within the gravity sewer.

  • A manhole for the flow meter to be situated in which has access to both power and ideally telemetry although this can be managed using a GSM/GPRS signal which may require signal boosting in areas of weak coverage or where a heavy manhole lid is in place (i.e. in the road).

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